Will There Be A Left 4 Dead 3?

L4D3 Question Mark

Many people want to know “Is there going to be a Left 4 Dead 3?” According to me, “You bet your sweet ass there will be a Left 4 Dead 3.” L4D has been a successful franchise for Valve, right up there with Counter Strike, Team Fortress and some game called Half Life. There is a lot of room to expand the story line of the characters from both 1 and 2, or develop a spin-off using the Midnight Riders from Dark Carnival. The possibilities are endless.

There is no doubt in my mind Valve will want to release L4D3.Β The real question is a matter of when will they release it? We are still seeing new updates and content for L4D2 and L4D1. It’s good to see the creative juices still flowing and one would hope some of their ideas are being reserved for L4D3.

To answer, “Will there be a Left 4 Dead 3?”, I would say yes, but don’t expect it until Half Life Episode 3 and a newer Source engine are both released by Valve. Left 4 Dead 3 on the new Source engine – now that sounds promising!